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By October 23, 2019Living in Zion

All my life I’ve heard over and over again how important it is to live within the city limits of Independence. I hadn’t really fully comprehended the reason, thinking it was certainly fine to live close by but not actually inside the lines. However, through my recent experience as an Election Judge, I found out exactly why it is so important to be living within the borders of Independence, known to saints as “The City of Zion.”

This year, I was asked to be an election judge within just a few months of moving inside the city limits of Independence. Since my background is both media and politics, I thought this would be a great opportunity to become involved in the community.

Although this particular vote was about an initiative to raise taxes 2.5%, many people opted out of making an effort to drive to the polls. In this area, it is required to vote at your designated polling location and anyone who would want to participate, has to go to their assigned spot.

One man came to our polling station who had been sent over from another location saying they had told him he must be at the wrong place since he wasn’t showing up as a voter in their area. We scanned his ID and it showed he had an Independence address. However, on the screen there was a red alert that was also showing on the screen saying he was ineligible to vote at this time.

Since everything looked in order, we decided to further investigate why he couldn’t cast a ballot as he’d made the effort to drive to two different locations to exercise his right to vote. What we discovered was very eye-opening to me as I do have this background in how politics works.

The man, although dedicated to casting his vote, was ineligible to do so because he lived across the street from the actual line where Independence meets Blue Springs. Since the initiative was only for those living within the city limits, he was not able to cast a ballot for his choice.

For those who understand the Post Office and how their addresses work, a person may live outside the actual city limits and still have an Independence address. The address of the Post Office is what determines which city is designated as your delivery address. Thus, those living in the county, would still have an address which matches their local delivery Post Office.

Some may think this isn’t a big deal, but the plan God has for the city makes it an extremely important issue. Here’s what dawned on me within seconds of seeing this information.

Since I came from an extremely liberal area in Colorado, I have an understanding of just how destructive the wrong politicians in office can be to a local community. Liberals and Socialists have infiltrated every aspect of the county I lived in rendering it useless to any common sense when it comes to land, utilities, policies, schools, churches, money, etc.

I say this because their strategy has been to put people on every board within the community, get themselves elected to all seats within the county and city, in order to push their agenda of “green” energy, limited business, control of education, control of Christianity and censor anyone who has an opposing position to them.

These are the Liberals and Socialists. They have created an environment of oppression and misery which is now being used in the Colorado community which I just left. They have a homeless population which is out of control, causing crime to skyrocket. It is no longer safe to walk the streets at night to go to your favorite restaurant as you could be stabbed to death on the way to and from your car. There are needles on the streets and human waste in parking lots.

Their policies are also destroying the local farming and ranching community who are fighting hard to save their lands. These Liberals and Socialists are now trying to tax the lands because of “carbon emissions” from their livestock. This would literally kill their own industry and the blindness of these people has them going full speed ahead into a brick wall.

The schools now have “Reading to Cats” as an actual class. Kids are having to write papers on how destructive President Trump is and being forced to learn Muslim ideology rather than Christian ideology.

Tourism is way down because of the rise in crime, rise in taxes, the filth running into the river and an infiltration of the notorious gang, MS-13 who frequent Wal-Mart and are known for murdering innocent people for fun.

Since I know this, I look at Independence and what God’s intent is and always has been. It is for us to prepare the City of Zion to meet the Bridegroom, who is Jesus. We’re supposed to be working diligently to clean up the waste places of this designated spot, yet many in our own church refuse to move within the city limits.

Because some people think it’s a monumental task to tackle the clean up of Zion, I decided to take a look at the statistics. As I calculated the actual votes cast compared to the number who were eligible to cast a ballot, it was clear only 5% of the population made any effort to go to their polling station.

Within the city limits, Independence has 3% of church people. That statistic includes anyone ever associated with a “restoration” group: LDS, Remnant, CoC, Restoration branches, Temple Lot, etc. If our people were on the same page and of one mind, as the scriptures tell us to be, our tiny group of people could actual influence what happens within the city.

That is exciting news to a person like me who has seen the destructive policies of Liberals and Socialists and the continual negligence of the Christian community as a whole, towards being involved in any political activity.

It is because of the inactivity of the church, the City of Zion has become a dirty, filthy, crime ridden mess. Thus the necessity of living within the city limits.

Anyone outside of the city limits is unable to vote for mayor, city council, board members of the utility companies, be active on boards which have locality requirements, cannot vote on initiatives which effect Christians. Those outside have no say at all when it comes to what happens inside of Zion.

We have become like lightening bugs out in the wilderness. A tiny light may shine dimly in it’s own area but isn’t very effective when it comes to the “bright light” shining from the city on the hill. Our light can only shine bright if we’re together, not just “nearby.”

It’s similar to weeding a garden. We cannot expect a beautiful garden to bloom if we’re not there to take care of the weeds. Zion is filled with weeds and we need workers to help cultivate the beauty which can be here.

And if you’re still on the fence, it’s like the story of the Little Red Hen. She asked for help to plant the seeds. No one came. She asked for help to harvest the wheat. No one came. She asked for help to mill the wheat. No one came. She was very tired and asked for help to bake the bread. No one came. When the bread was finally baked and smelled delicious, she asked, “Who will help me eat this bread?” Everyone came and she said no!

What do you think God is asking of you? Are you willing to do the work and make Zion the most beautiful city or are you going to wait until the city is ready for Christ’s return? What will happen to you if you wait? Will it be too late?

Who will help us harvest the wheat and bake the bread?

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